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On The Mend: Women and Their Journey to Wellness is a new book currently being developed by Dr. Leslie.  You can be part of the book!  Click here to find out more and how to tell your journey to wellness!


A "Not So Lonely" Journaling Book

Because there's nothing worse than a blank page staring you in the face, Dr. Norma Leslie has published A "Not So Lonely" Journaling Book.  This journaling book is your partner in journaling.  Along the way, you will find inspirations, stories, and poems that help you along the journaling process.  You are not alone.   This book makes a great gift.  Please e-mail Dr. Leslie for information on how you can purchase A "Not So Lonely" Journaling Book.






United We Stand - Cooking for America

This cookbook was compiled by "Friends of Women Health in Hershey, PA.  Hundreds of women submitted recipes and proceeds of the book go to the Freedom Foundation helping vicitims of 9-11.


If you are interested in purchasing this cookbook, call (717) 531-8173.





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