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On The Mend: Women and Their Journey to Wellness

Dr. Leslie is looking for your own story... your journey to wellness.  Read the following overview of the book and then e-mail Dr. Leslie with your personal journey.

Overview of Book

Jennie is an attractive 35-year-old successful business owner, mother of two children and satisfied wife. To meet her, you would never guess that just a short time ago she found herself in the whirlwind of a crisis that threatened to destroy her life: a messy divorce, the death of a child, loss of a child, and a devastating bankruptcy.  It is now 5 years later and she is a successful business owner, and is remarried with two children.  What is her story? How did Jennie manage to not only survive, but also thrive? Ask her and she will tell you that that “it was my sense of spirituality that grounded me. I knew there would be a light at the end of the tunnel; I just had to journey through the dark;” Marge, who is 60 years old, never worked outside the home. Her husband died and left her not only alone, but also unable to pay household bills. Marge said, “even though, I have been at home, it was comforting to know that I could transfer those skills to a job that would pay the bills.” Jessica, is 20 years old, and has just given birth to a child with special needs.  She said, “I’m too young to have to face this problem” And she left, giving her child to the care of the welfare services. What did she not have that would have helped her to weather her life crisis?

 In 25 years as a therapist and 40 years as a nurse, I’ve seen a diverse group of female patients, but they share a common concern: What do you do when you don’t know what to do? Many of my clients have said, “ I don’t know what to-do? How do people get through the bad times?” 

We live in a new millennium that is fraught with danger: snipers, hijackings, war, and financial and family instability to name a few.  Divorce continues to be a reality for many women, children struggle during adolescence, and abuse and trauma continue.  Never before have we had to deal with the uncertainty of our futures, and the effect of trauma on our lives.

 Using the stories of women and my own clinical experience, this book will offer a practical guide that blends theory, humor, inspiration and advice on what to do and what not to do when faced with trauma and life crisis. Women’s stories of healing will be used to portray the journey from brokenness to wholeness. The thesis of the book is to develop a theory that explains their journeys, what was done that sabotaged their lives and gives practical solutions that explains survival and healing as told by the women.   


Think about your life and how “you got where you are.” Write about the event.

Include your age, education, childhood issues, who and what helped you the most.

Did you experience depression, anxiety, anger, and rage---just write about your feelings?

What is your awareness of own thoughts and behaviors that sabotaged your journey and/or helped you to journey to wellness? What role did humor, and spirituality play in your journey? These are just suggestions, but mostly just write from your heart.    

SUGGESTED EVENTS - Just to get you thinking

This List Is Not Inclusive

Oklahoma City Bombing Alcohol Divorce
9/11 Obesity Depression
Natural Disaster Eating Disorder Kids Leaving Home
Earthquake Drugs Mental Illness
Fire Death Rape
Tornado Physical Illness Domestic Abuse
Car Accident Traumatic Birth Childhood Sexual Abuse


Infertility Anxiety
Financial Phobic Reactions Career changes
Parenting Chronic Illness Career Development
Sexuality Sexual Dysfunction Chronic Pain
Aging process Menopause


Family Conflict Relationships  

Thank you; thank you for taking the time to write your story. Remember, it does not need to be lengthy. Think about and write about your journey to wholeness.

Email your story to : or fax to 602-540-7670


E-Mail: Dr. Norma J. Leslie

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