Keep Your Feet Moving

           and your Heart Happy!









As a woman, you deserve...

                            Healthcare providers who...


...understand that a woman is more than just a body,

    ...understand that you may have concerns about your emotional well-being,

        ...make you a partner in your own healthcare,

           ...answer your questions and meet your health and wellness needs in all

                 stages of your life,

               ...are academically and clinically trained, and understand that health

                        education is an important aspect of care.




As A Woman providers are specialty trained to care for all your healthcare needs including:

  • Well Woman Examinations & Pap Smears

  • Abnormal pap Smear Management & Colposcopy

  • Family Centered Obstetrical Care

  • Hormone Issues & PMS

  • Menopause & Transition Management

  • Family Planning

  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases

  • Pelvic & Vaginal Surgery

  • Female Incontinence

  • Osteoporosis Care & Prevention

  • Advanced Laproscopic Surgery

  • Vulvar Pain & Chronic Vaginal Conditions

  • Gynecological Care for Breast Cancer Patients

  • Infertility

  • Second Opinions & Consultations

  • Counseling & Health Education

  • Sexual Health

 Our Providers:

J. Chris Carey, MD

Tracy A. Contant, MD

William Chavira, MD

David Greenspan, MD

Norma Leslie, Ph.D., ARNP


E-mail Dr. Norma Leslie

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