by Dr. Norma Leslie


Grief is that hollow word that howls emotional pain

and lack of control.

It is the price I pay for loving and attaching to an idea,

a belief, a thought, a wish, a feeling,

 a thing, a relationship, a person, a state of being;

 and then having that attachment ripped uncontrollably

from my life.


What is the purpose?

Is it to allow me to become

and view my being from a different perspective?

Is it a way for me to learn how to love and treasure myself?

Is it a way to begin a journey of self-acceptance?


But questioning why is easier than accepting.

How do I attach to the idea of acceptance?

Will it too be ripped away?


Someway, I have to trust and know that

I am not alone and will be shown the path.

That the journey toward acceptance is difficult, yet peaceful.

That acceptance allows me to live in a cradle of love.


Let the journey begin.


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